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Newark Toyota World
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Newark Toyota World Complaint

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Name: Michelle Carr

Complaint: We purchased a used Camry and extended warranty in 06. Months later we needed repair work done to the headgasket/motor. Newark ToyotaWorld did the work and charged the warranty company $1300. 10 months later, the vehicle is in a different Toyota dealer and the same repairs need done once again (only 3k miles later). We don't drive it much! The warranty company will not pay for a service they already paid for and Newark ToyotaWorld will not take responsibility for doing poor work or no work at all. We aren't only looking at $1200 again for the headgasket, the entire engine needs replaced. Now it is $5000 and I am waiting to see if the warranty will cover the outstanding balance of $3800. I don't think they will because the cause of the engine failure will revert back to the head(gasket), etc. Since it's all related, I have paid for a warranty and have not had any true service paid for. I don't know who to sue first!!!! I have printed the forms for the Delaware Attorney General's office... this sucks.

Newark Toyota World Sucks