Dealer Tactics

Please review some of our posted dealership tactics that are used to maximize dealer profits and leave you footing the bill! Feel free to contact us and let us know any tactics which are not listed below.

Rushing the deal...

This deal is only good today!

Most of the time a salesperson will try to rush you into a decision. Don't fall for this trap or you will regret it later. Don't let any salesperson load the deal with floor mats, tinted window packages, wheel upgrades, paint protection, etc. at the last moment. Almost none of these items have a set listed price, and many times a salesperson will simply make up a price they think you will pay.

Most of the sales pitches you hear at a dealer all involve you buying a car today. It is never in your best interest to be rushed into buying a vehicle. Don't let any salesperson instill a false sense of urgency into the deal. Don't let any dealer rush you through selecting and financing your new vehicle.

There is absolutely no reason why you cannot go home and sleep on a deal. If it still looks good the next day then buy the car. There is also nothing wrong with shopping their deal around to improve your final cost.

Additional products and services...

The extended warranty will protect your investment.

Don't fall for this trap. Toyota doesn't offer an extended warranty, and they WILL NOT stand behind any extended warranty that you buy from your dealer. These extended warranties simply put more money in the dealers pocket while they RARELY benefit the consumer in any way. By the time you find out your extended warranty is useless your dealer won't answer the phone. They certainly aren't going to honor the warranty they pushed on you at deal time. Or you can just throw your money out of your window as you drive around, it will do you as much good as buying an extended warranty from your dealer.

The credit life insurance is a responsible purchase.

These types of plans will only pay the balance of your car loan if you die. If you die and have no family then there is no reason to have this coverage. If you have a family then you probably also have life insurance which will provide funding for such circumstances. If you don't have life insurance then you would be better off purchasing a life insurance policy from a respectable insurance firm instead of buying credit life coverage from your dealer.

There are additional paperwork expenses.

In some states and localities there are regulated fees for covering the costs of various paperwork functions related to buying a vehicle. Don't pay too much if you live in one of these areas. If you don't live in an area where these fees are regulated by law, don't pay any more than you would pay in a regulated area. Some dealers will try charging $850 for a $20 procedure. Do your homework and demand that these costs, if incurred, be spelled out clearly in writing.

A deal in name only...

We'll sell it to you at invoice.

This is one of the oldest and slickest tricks a dealer can pull on an unsuspecting buyer. If you are an invoice buyer, make sure that you are seeing an authentic invoice and not an invoice from a different vehicle. Also make sure it's not just an invoice someone custom printed just for you that has no basis in reality. Understand that even a 'true' dealer invoice does not accurately reflect what the dealer ultimately pays for a given vehicle.

We're giving you great financing.

Most dealers will try to play with the numbers when arranging your financing. Always double check EVERYTHING before signing any finance agreement, paying special attention to the total loan amount, the term of the loan and the interest rate. You are MUCH better off arranging your own financing prior to car shopping.