Car Buying Tips

Before you buy your next car or truck...

If you are in the market for a new car or truck then you may find some of our tips and advice regarding dealerships and the automotive sales process to be helpful and informative. Read below for more information.

A Typical Dealership

Before you go to a dealership to purchase a new or used car or truck, you should be aware of the forces at play in an automotive sales environment. Read about a typical dealership for some insight into the traditional dealer sales model.

Do Your Homework

After reading about some of the general dealer forces arrayed and employed against you it becomes evident that some pre-planning should occur if you want your car buying experience to evolve in your favor. You should always do your homework before setting out to make a major purchase.

Dealer Tactics

Once you have determined the car you need, how much you will pay and how you will finance your new or used vehicle, it is time to make yourself aware of some of the deceptive and sleazy dealer tactics used by dealerships to maintain an upper hand in the sales process.

The Sales Process

Buying a new or used car or truck is a process which can be broken down into distinct steps. It is important to understand how to negotiate each step in order to maximize your automotive investment dollars. The sales process can be a minefield which naturally requires careful navigation in order to reach a successful conclusion.

The Four Square

The most important part of negotiating the cost of your new or used car or truck is the four square. Understanding it's intent and usage can mean the difference between simply buying a car and saving thousands of dollars while buying a car.

Your Trade-In

Many people fail to realize the importance and value in properly preparing and advancing their existing car or truck when purchasing a new or used vehicle. Learn how to obtain top dollar for your trade-in and how to properly introduce it into the deal for your next automotive purchase.