Dick Poe Toyota Sucks

Dick Poe Toyota SucksDick Poe Toyota screwed up my truck, refused to fix it, screwed my assistant around for over 5 weeks, then insulted me when I asked what their problem seemed to be regarding my Toyota Tundra. That's the short story.

If you want to read the whole story, check out Why They Suck and our YouTube Area.

I think it is fundamentally telling to note that no one from Dick Poe Toyota has ever apologized to Leticia for the way they treated her or to me for being insulting and obnoxious when I inquired about the way they were treating Leticia and why they couldn't fix the Tundra after screwing it up. Also, they have never offered to refund the money it cost me to have another dealer fix the truck after Dick Poe Toyota screwed it up performing an unauthorized repair.

Dick Poe's hateful and incompetent employees have, however, harassed me via telephone and internet. I received a particularly hateful message just last week that came directly from Dick Poe Motors cursing me for being angry at the level of incompetence and hatefulness displayed by Dick Poe's employees.

In addition to the terrible service and treatment we received from Dick Poe, we also discovered that Toyota has no loyalty for it's customers. Toyota will side with it's dealers almost 100% of the time rather than intervene in a situation requiring a complaint. Toyota will essentially take your complaint and then tell you to accept whatever the offending dealer is willing to offer, if they are willing to offer anything at all. Given the lack of pressure from Toyota, most Toyota dealers and dealerships are less than willing to offer any concessions or reparations to customers they have screwed. In a Toyota world the word of the day is always Buyer Beware!

Dick Poe before he dicks you...

Toyota PoisonDick Poe Toyota is the last dealer you should go to when you are looking to buy a new or used car or truck or if you need your vehicle serviced. There is another Toyota dealer in town who will treat you better in the long term than will Dick Poe, and there is also another Toyota dealer in Las Cruces who would likely give you a discount for taking the time to visit their dealership. Judging from the hateful Dick Poe employees I have heard from since building this web site, you would do well to buy your Chrysler, Jeep or Dodge from another dealer as well.

The best test of any dealer is how they treat their existing customers. Any dealer who only cares about the next customer through the door isn't worth dealing with on any level. Purchasing a vehicle is a major expense and your choice of dealer is very important in both the short and long term. Any dealer who presumes to take liberties with both your vehicle and your loyalty doesn't deserve a second thought. There is always someone who will treat you with respect and integrity, just as there is always someone ready to fleece you to the greatest degree possible every time they see you. I can tell you from personal experience that Dick Poe is not your friend, and that Dick Poe Toyota is not the best place in El Paso, Texas for you to consider investing your time and hard earned money when it comes time for you to buy a new or used car or truck.

You would be better off buying from anywhere else...

I would find it very hard to believe that there does exist anywhere in the State of Texas or the United States a worse Toyota dealer than Dick Poe Toyota. You could go anywhere and do better than at Dick Poe Toyota. If you have not yet read why they suck or listened to the obnoxious messages they left me then you should take a few moments to see how Dick Poe Toyota treats customers after the sale. I was their customer for two years before they screwed up my truck performing an unauthorized repair and then insulted me after I had very patiently tried for almost 6 weeks to get them to repair my Tundra. That's how Dick Poe will treat you if you give them the opportunity. This site would not exist if Dick Poe Toyota had not felt the need to go out of their way to screw me over.

Why take a chance?

After all the silly commercials promising to save you money and the constant newspaper ads offering incredible deals you should ask yourself what is best for you and your family. How will this dealer treat your wife when she goes in for service? How good a deal will this dealership give your son on his first car? How is this dealer going to treat you if you have a question or if an issue arises?

If you are like most people, your automotive purchase is the biggest investment you make second only to the investment you have in your home. Why would you take a chance on investing so much of your trust, your money or your time in any dealer who will not repay that trust or your loyalty with anything other than an outstretched palm every time they see you or your family on the lot, or insult your wife and yourself when you need your vehicle serviced?

In the case of Dick Poe Toyota you would do well to make your investment anywhere else. After all, any dealer who would force a customer to walk over an issue that the dealer created unnecessarily is not a place that deserves your time, consideration, loyalty or monetary investment. A dealer is only as good as it's worst employee.



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