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Tony Divino Toyota Complaint

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Name: Blain

Complaint: On the 23rd of January, I took my 1995 Toyota Camry to the service department because I had noticed a steadily worsening power steering leak. After talking to Chuck Lallis about the problem, he had a technician check that, plus other minor problems I was experiencing. After discussing my options for the repairs needed, and telling Chuck of my limited finances, I agreed to have a VERY MINOR oil leak repaired by having your service department replace the valve cover gasket and distributor o-ring, as noted on invoice #648091. Immediately the following day, I had to drive to my place of employment and leave the state for 5 days. Upon my return, I noticed a big puddle of oil underneath my car at my place of employment. After topping off the oil level with three quarts of oil, I drove it home and called Chuck the next day. He told me it was probably a rolled valve cover gasket, and to leave it for repair at the night drop and he would get it fixed. The following day, I called down and talked to Ryan, who told me after his technician examined the car, there were totally new and separate repairs that needed to be done. He stated the valve cover repair had "increased pressure" causing other seals to leak. He then quoted me the four hundred plus repair cost. Because this is my only car and my primary work vehicle, I felt like I HAD to get this repaired. I consented, and the repairs were made. When I picked up the vehicle later that day, Ryan then told me that the failure of the crank seal and the oil pump seals "had nothing to do" with the valve cover replacement done the previous week. I paid the bill and drove away. Upon examining my invoice (#648611) I noticed three things immediately. One, that the seals were "horribly leaking" and that to me would indicate a major failure of something internally (I am quite sure "coincidence" had nothing to do with it). Two, that the technician now indicates that not only do I still have the power steering leak, but now I have a transmission leak not previously known (or seen by me). And third, to add insult to injury, I was charged twenty-five dollars to pay for shop supplies for repair order. In addition, I now have a rattle and buzzing sound from the timing belt area that your technician so ably repaired.

I RARELY take a vehicle to the dealership, but because the power steering leak was getting worse, and it was 10 degrees outside, I felt I had to. I will find a trustworthy mechanic somewhere, but NEVER will I take anything to that dealership again.

Grand total for my minor oil leak at Tony Divino: $727.81 Keep in mind I still have the power steering leak!

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