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Monroeville, Pennsylvania 15146
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Spitzer Toyota Complaint

Customer Comments...

Name: Kurt Greenwald

Complaint: I got a coupon in the mail for a “free state inspection” from Spitzer Toyota in the suburbs of Pittsburgh PA. I was shocked that they told me my 2000 Camry with 28,000 miles had a “split” in the exhaust flex pipe and the repair would cost $1,400. This car is barely ever driven and garage kept. I asked the service writer to show me the split in the pipe. I was given the excuse that customers are not allowed in the service bays for insurance reasons. So I was denied my safety inspection sticker, but not the required PA emissions sticker due to a mileage exemption. So I brought the car home and put it on ramps and slid under the car to inspect this so called “split” myself. I couldn’t find any evidence of a split in the pipe or any exhaust leaks so I decided to take it to a trustworthy local mechanic. I showed them the work order from Toyota and they put the car on their lift. Before long there were 3 or 4 other mechanics standing under my car trying to find this phantom split in the exhaust pipe. Not one of these ASE certified mechanics could find anything wrong. However they were somewhat shocked at the like new condition of this car that is almost 8 model years old. I heard comments like “this car may as well be brand new”. The shop owner then told me that if Toyota told me I had a leak in my exhaust system there is no way they should have given me the emissions sticker due to the fact that an exhaust leak falls under both the safety and emissions tests. So the dealership service center flat out lied to me. It’s my understanding that these service writers make a commission on the service they sell. These people are thieves in my mind. They should be punished.

Spitzer Toyota Sucks