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Freeman Toyota Complaint

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Name: Garrett G.

Complaint: My 2008 Camry is the first, and last, Toyota I will ever own. Previously I owned an Infiniti, and had it serviced at Grubbs Infiniti (which is an excellent dealer in the DFW area). My main complaint against Freeman Toyota is with their customer service, or the lack thereof.

When you arrive at the dealer to get your car serviced, there is no one waiting to help you in any way, and the service clerks will not volunteer to get your information. You must go up to a service window, and tell them what you want to do. They then take your keys, and point you to the waiting room.

When you walk into the waiting room I swear to God you think you are in Somalia. It is this tiny little room with about 30 of the most uncomfortable chairs you have ever seen, with cold coffee and nothing to munch on. There is something like a 13" TV hanging in the corner which looks like it just escaped from Hell. The room reeks of BO and is usually filled with people. I don't think that room has ever been disinfected.

When your car is finally ready to go they call you "Invoice number XXXXX your car is ready to be picked up".

It boils down to this: Toyota wants to sell you a car, and post purchase they could care less. Customer service at Toyota is horrible. If you have bought or own a Toyota in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, take it to Park Place Lexus in Grapevine. They charge a little more but the customer service is world class.

Freeman Toyota Sucks

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