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DCH Brunswick Toyota
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North Brunswick, New Jersey 08902
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DCH Brunswick Toyota Complaint

Customer Comments...

Name: Harikrishnan

Complaint: I had a minor accident on the 6th of Dec, 2007. The driver side door was damaged. There was no damage on the engine and on the front side of the car.

I dropped it off at DCH Brunswick Toyota Body shop, NJ. I was told I'd get my car by 17th of Dec '07. When called on 17th they said it'd be ready by the 21st of dec, '07 - gave me no explanation. When called on the 21st they said it would be ready by 27th "for sure".

All my holiday plans were demolished when i called them on 27th dec, when the lady without regret told me the car is not ready and will be ready by the 31st dec. '07. When i called on the 31 they said it'd be ready by next week and the manager told me that they found additional damage and need more time to fix them.

I called them on 8th of Dec 2008, The manager did not answer and i left him a message to call me back immediately.

Today is 11th Jan 2008, and i called them again a lady told me that it'll be ready by 16th. And the manager whose name is "Arts" did not answer the call again. I left him a message.

Now we are talking about a Toyota here. Not a Rolls royce Phantom. I fail to understand the reason why a Body shop (considered to be one of the biggest in the state) needs over a month to repair a Toyota corolla after a minor accident.

I would NOT recommend this Brunswick toyota dealership to anybody. I had a horrible experience with them.

DCH Brunswick Toyota Sucks

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